Newmarket Racers Swimming Club Handbook

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Newmarket Racers is a 1st division swimming club based in Brisbane’s inner north. Formed in 2007, it has steadily gained divisional ranking thanks to a team of experienced coaches, dedicated parents and motivated swimmers.

We are located at the Newmarket Olympic pool Alderson Street Newmarket and our swimmers range in age from 6 years and upwards.

Newmarket Racers Swim Club (NR), is an affiliated member of both the Brisbane Swimming and Queensland Swimming Associations.

Our club is a community organisation which provides and encourages individuals across all ages and abilities to safely participate in aquatic activities.  This ranges from children who have just learnt to swim right through to athletes who compete at a National level.  Consistent with the intent and outcome of accessibility, our club is inclusive by supporting, coaching and developing swimmers with disabilities.

Since embarking on our mission to provide the community with a swimming club, our commitment and passion has been reflected in the enjoyment and personal achievements of our remarkable group of swimmers.

NR welcomes swimmers of all ages and abilities, encouraging them to set and meet achievable goals. The Club aims to assist all swimmers in achieving their goals.

The Newmarket Racers Swimming Club has swimmers who have competed for their school, district, region, Brisbane Torpedoes Swim Team as well as some dedicated swimmers who have represented at state and national level. The club has won medals at both State and National Age Championships.

The club takes teams to most of the major swimming events in Brisbane and every second Friday hosts a club night which is an opportunity for swimmers to test themselves and for parents and families to get together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Club Mission

While we love to race, our primary aim is to create a family-focused and nurturing atmosphere where all youngsters can challenge themselves, set and achieve goals and develop important life skills such as determination, self-discipline and team work.

The senior squad provides a pathway for younger squad members to progress to State and National Championships.


NR aims are to:

  • Promote swimming.
  • Provide an arena for healthy competition.
  • Identify, nurture and develop talent.
  • Nurture all levels of swimmers to develop to their full potential.
  • Instill sportsmanship and club spirit and promote team work.
  • Deliver cost-effective swimming to swimmers and their families.

Committee Members

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further please email the club or contact any of the committee members. Usually there are two committee members at the pool during afternoon training, feel free to visit and have a chat.

PresidentBob Miller
Vice PresidentSteve Miller
SecretaryCathy Wilks
TreasurerMatt Gallagher
RegistrarFiona Roberts
Race SecretariesMichelle Hurst
Eliza Pilgrim
Club Night ConvenersAdrian Giacoboni
Amberyn Thomas
Club Night AdminDesley Doyle
Andrea Pennington
Information CoordinatorPaul Ransley
General CommitteeClaude Cicchitti
Lisa McHattie
Debbie Williams
Leisa Podbury
Karilyn Milliken

Heavy Medal PerformanceAll of our club members are welcome to attend the committee meetings which are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5.30pm at the pool.  Please check on the Club’s notice board or website for confirmation of date and time.

The Committee would like to remind all swimmers, parents, coaches and supporters that it is important for all to follow the “Code of Conduct”. Please take time to read and familiarise yourself with it prior to the start of the season.

In addition to our Friday night club swims families have the opportunity, and are actively encouraged to participate in the BSA, SQ and local meets, which encourage a “team spirit” within our club environment.


Any media communication is to be referred to the President. Any media articles regarding the club or its members must be approved by the President and Committee before being submitted to the media.

General Queries or Complaints

Any general queries or complaints regarding NR, can be raised with any member of the NR committee.

Club Membership

Club Membership is for a period of 12 months commencing from 1st July of each year. All swimmers must be registered with Brisbane Swimming Association (BSA), Swimming Queensland (SQ) and Swimming Australia (SA).Amy

If you have any queries regarding membership, transfers into or out of the club, please contact the Registrar.

New members who join NR after December will be eligible for a pro rata based membership fee, however all Brisbane Swimming Association and Swimming Queensland fees will apply in full.

Club Fees


Membership to NR includes one NR swim cap per swimmer.

(QSA/BSA component $66.50)

$130 – 1 child

$260 – 2 children same family

$350 – 3 children same family

$400 – 4 or more same family

All competitive swimmers joining the club must have their Birth Certificate sighted by the club as required by Swimming Queensland.


Payment of squad fees can be made by eftpos, credit card, cash or cheque drawn directly to Millers Swim School.

Please note: Payment is required to be paid directly to the Millers Swim School and must be up to date at the end of each week.

The Millers Swim School maintains a role of swimmers who have paid the fees and are therefore eligible to attend training sessions.

Swim Meet/Carnival Nominations

Medal Winners Day 1 StatesA selection of sanctioned Swimming Queensland meets can be found on the ‘Event Information’ page on the Newmarket Racers website. This information includes dates, event programs, nomination closing dates, EFT payment codes etc.

Coaches will identify meets they would like their squads to attend. These will be posted on the NR website and on the Events Calendar highlighted in orange.

All Race Nominations, completed in full, must be submitted online at the NR website using the ‘Online Swim Meet Entry Form’. Paper nominations are no longer accepted.

Nominations must be received by our advertised closing date found on the website. This date is different to the date on the meet flyer/program of events, usually a week prior. This allows the Race Secretary to process entries and make sure payment has been received. Under no circumstances will late nominations be processed.

Some meets require that a Qualifying Time (QT) has already been met, these events are identified in the meet flyer and all QTs will be enforced.

No QT = No Swim = No Exceptions


All meet entry fee payments are to be made by Direct Deposit into the club’s bank account, either via EFT or directly at any Commonwealth Bank branch. Bank Details can be found on the ‘Online Swim Meet Entry Form’ page on the NR website. Please do not leave race nominations and/or payment at the pool.

Funds must be received by the date advertised on the website or as requested by the Race Secretary. Nominations without full payment will be removed.

All sanctioned meets can be found on the Qld Happening Calendar 2013/14 on the Swimming Queensland website. If there are any meets you would like to attend that are not on the NR website, please let us know.


Clubs are required to provide timekeepers at most meets. If you nominate your child for a meet, please be prepared to volunteer for timekeeping on the day of the meet.


When swimming for NR at carnivals, swimmers are required to wear NR uniform shirts and swim cap. The uniform required includes NR polo shirt and NR shorts. All NR swimmers are to wear NR caps when competing as a NR club.  .

If medals are being accepted the club polo must be worn.17-12-2012 7-33-39 PM

Specific one-off uniform items may be presented to swimmers in recognition of their selection and participation in major swimming events.  These one-off items are to be worn in accordance with special instructions given by the NR committee.

The Club has a wide range of club merchandise available for purchase – please speak to the NR uniform co-ordinator or visit Struddy’s Sports located at 2/467 South Pine Rd Everton Park for purchase of club merchandise and clothing.

Club Nights


NR conducts club nights for its members every second Friday evening of the school term, throughout the swimming season. The purpose of these nights is to introduce a swimmer to a competitive environment while enjoying the social aspect with family and friends.

Your club is organised by the parents.  Each club night we require a number of volunteers to assist in various roles such as timekeeping, BBQ, marshalling, setting up and setting down. We encourage parents to participate in these functions allowing your children to reap maximum benefits from the club. No previous experience is necessary just enthusiasm.

This involvement provides an ideal opportunity to meet other parents in the club. Club nights commence at 6:00pm sharp and usually conclude by 7:30pm.

Events are conducted in each of the four strokes each club night over various distances.

Each Club night will also include the 200 Individual Medley and a 200m form stroke swim.  These will be run as the last events of each club night.

Swimmers are:

  • -       not required to swim all strokes
  • -       may nominate for a maximum of 6 events
  • -        not eligible to go back to 25m event after graduating to a 50m event, all strokes apply.

There will be occasions when swimmers will be required to swim at club night – particularly when relay teams are being formulated by the coaches.


With the introduction of the new DOLFIN electronic timing equipment, the following procedures have been put in place to ensure that the club night runs smoothly and efficiently. This electronic timing equipment does not cater for changes after the events are set.  No heats will be created for late nominations

-       Nominations must be completed via online nomination (NR Club website)

if unable to do so online, please submit nominations to the Millers Swim School administrator at front desk.

-       Nominations must be completed by NO LATER THAN 5.00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the Club Night for results to be recorded.

State Development carnival Nov 2011 141Please note – if you do not nominate by the completion time, your child/children will not be able to swim a recorded time and not be guaranteed a swim at all on club night for that week. No heats will be created for late nominations.

When nominating for club night swims online your nomination form will request your volunteering to do a job on that club night.  Jobs listed below.


To ensure that our children reap maximum benefits from the club, each club night requires volunteers to assist in various roles.  Club night will not commence until the roles are filled.  No previous experience is necessary just enthusiasm.

Please note­ – Volunteering for any of the following roles requires you to be present at the Pool no later than 15 minutes before the start of the Club Night events.

Marshalling   -    2 people required (setting up and setting down the marshalling area,

following the program of events and placing the swimmers in

the correct event and lane)

Timekeepers -       16 people required (2 x for each lane, electronic timing system)

BBQ                 -  Minimum of 2 people required ( setting up, Cooking, selling,

cleaning up)

This involvement provides an ideal opportunity to meet other parents in the club. Club nights commence at 6:00pm sharp and usually conclude by 7:30pm.

Your Assistance will be greatly appreciated!


 Club night swimmers are awarded improvement points for their performances in each stroke swum as per the Chart below:








Slower than best time by:

Greater than 2.5 secs




Over 1.5 & less than or equal to 2.5 sec




Over 0.5 & less than or equal to 1.5 secs




Either side of best time by:

0.5 secs




Faster than best time by:

Over 0.5 & less that or equal to 1.5 sec




Over 1.5 & less than or equal to 2.5 sec




Greater than 2.5 secs




These points are accumulated over the whole of the Club Night season and are not awarded in age group but as overall improvement per stroke.

Club Night Grading of Swimmers

Club events are based on a system of graded scratch racers (swimming against those with similar times irrespective of age).

For new members swimming, the time recorded for their 1st swim in each stroke becomes their best time.

Current members’ best time will be calculated from the previous season. When a faster than best time is recorded this time then becomes the new best time.

Swimmers will automatically grade to the new distance on achieving a qualifying time as below on two swims throughout the season.

Qualifying Times









25 secs







30 secs



50 secs




28 secs



45 secs




27 secs



45 secs


Swimmers are not eligible to go back and swim a 25m event after graduating to a 50m event after 2 swims.

Swimmers however are eligible to swim a 50m event after qualifying for a 100m event in same stroke.

To swim a 200m event a swimmer must have at least qualified to swim the 100m event that stroke.

These members and graduating swimmers will accrue 4 points irrespective of which distance swimmers are graduating to or from i.e.:

25m to 50m   =  4 points

50m to 100m =  4 points

If a swimmer nominates in a stroke and elects not to swim in that stroke without good reason and without advising the Club Night Co-ordinators then one (1) penalty point will be deducted from his / her accumulated total for that stroke. (N/S = No Swim)

If a swimmer is disqualified they will accumulate one (1) point.


11th October 2013

25th October 2013

8th   November 2013

22nd November 2013

13th December 2013 (no swimming events, just a Christmas breakup)

31st January, 2014

14th February 2014

28th February 2014

14th March 2014

28th March 2014

Club Fundraising

To help finance NR activities and programs (e.g. end of season trophies), the Club will conduct occasional fundraising events, like raffles.  BBQs are run each club night and when accepted a Bunnings BBQ.

Club members are expected to assist in fund raising activities given that all proceeds are used to support and assist all of the club’s members in their training, competition and general social club activities.

For our fundraising to be successful, club member support before and during these activities is greatly appreciated and will be requested via the website, email, newsletters, flyers and word-of-mouth.


The Club endeavours to keep members informed of news, achievements and developments within the Club and within the wider swimming community.Brisbane Met Relays_9_103

The club will often communicate to all club members via broadcast email. It is the responsibility of individuals to ensure contact details are up to date. A list of essential contact information (phone numbers / email etc) can be found in the club handbook or on the club website.

If you have any items for inclusion in our Club e-Newsletter please contact the Communication co-ordinator.

All bulletins will be posted on the NR website –

Photos may be taken at various swimming events and club nights across the season. Photos may be placed on our website and may be used for promoting NR to the wider community. The communication co-ordinator or any member of the committee should be advised of any issues regarding the publication of photographs..

Club Sponsors

National Age SwimmersOur sponsors are very important to the Club. Their generous donations help to minimise club membership fees and other member costs and allow for the ongoing purchase of equipment and other items to help support and ultimately benefit NR swimmers.

Please support our sponsors and let them know you are a member of the NR Club and that you appreciate their support.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor of the club, please contact one of the committee members.

NR as a team

The objectives of NR are to extend, encourage and improve the art and knowledge of swimming in an enjoyable and family environment.

Goals are merely to be used as personal incentives for achievement. They do not determine success or failure. When goal achievement is considered to be necessary for success, this can create unnecessary pressure or ‘fear of failure’ and can become a negative influence.


  • To strengthen team and individual character
  • To create an atmosphere of team spirit, unity and support and to contribute to the development of a positive attitude
  • To foster the development of competitive “mental toughness” (determination, confidence and pride) as a team and individual characteristic (i.e. always win the close ones!)
  • To realise our maximum potential in athletic performance.


The Club Captain/s support and promote the club by:

  • Encouraging and fostering team spirit in club members
  • Being an active and positive role model to other club members
  • Participating regularly on club nights
  • Representing and communicating the needs and ideas of club members to the NR committee
  • Representing the club at local carnivals as a swimmer (or non-swimmer) and speaking publicly on behalf of the club when required
  • Assisting with marshalling, if necessary, at swim meets
  • Assisting the NR Committee and where appropriate, acting on the direction of committee members
  • As a representative of the swimmers

Further information on the duties of Club Captains can be obtained from the NR Committee.


NR has three main coaches

  • Robert Miller Head Coach – National Development Squad
  • Steve Miller – Senior Squad
  • Barton Stevens – State Development Squad


 SONY DSCRobert Miller

  • Newmarket Pool Lessee
  • Head Coach Newmarket Racers Swim Club
  • 30yrs Coaching experience
  • Has coached swimmers to State and National level
  • Asst Coach for 5yrs with Joe King (triple Olympic Games Coach)
  • Silver Coaching Level

SONY DSCSteven Miller

  • Bachelor of Education (Phys Ed)
  • Coach and Learn to swim instructor
  • Registered Examiner RLSSQ
  • 15yrs Coaching experience
  • Silver Coaching Level


Barton Stevens

  •  Coach and Learn to swim instructor
  • Qualified Life Guard (RLSSQ)
  • 3yrs Coaching experience


The coaches decide who is to be club captain based on suitability for meeting the roles responsibility.  Coaches also have the final decision on relay selections and who participates in their squad.

If you wish to discuss a matter with the coach, you should not do so during coaching time.  Please make an appointment at a mutually agreeable time to discuss matters with the coach/s.


If a swimmer enters the QLD Championships or The Australian Age Nationals they are encouraged to be available for relays. The Brisbane Metro Relay meet is also one which we recommend that all swimmers attend as the club accrues points for its Brisbane Divisional club championship.

If your child is unavailable to participate in a relay team please advise your child’s coach as early as possible – prior to relay team selections.


We  aim to provide for the requirements of all swimmers in an environment where each swimmer can train and compete to their own level of ability.

Each training squad is designed to provide for the specific capabilities and competition demands of the swimmers in the group. When coaches consider swimmers for squads, they consider the following:

  •  A demonstrated ability that the swimmer can handle the workload;
  • The swimmer’s ability to handle the psychology of the group;
  • The swimmers ability to compete well; and
  • Whether the swimmer is prepared to make the training commitment.


The coaches enforce a set of common rules, which is a necessity when dealing with groups of athletes in training and competition situations and which are performance (success) orientated.

The main rules are as follows:

  • Swimmers must have at training the equipment specified by the coach for their squad, in good condition and named.
  • Swimmers are expected on the pool deck 10 minutes minimum prior to the starting time in order to prepare and stretch.
  • Swimmers are required to attend as many training sessions as possible, as required by the coach.
  • Swimmers are expected to be respectful towards coaches and follow directions without delay
  • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated
  • At competition, swimmers are asked to compete honestly, and speak to their coach before and after their races.
  • Club uniform is to be worn at all swim meets where the club is being represented. The uniform consists of the club swim cap when racing and the club polo shirt and shorts.
  • When accepting medals club polo shirt is to be worn.
  • The Club also expects members, swimmers, coaches and officials to behave in accordance with the behavior guidelines set out in this handbook.
  • Respectful and safe use of training apparatus


  • Be 10 minutes early so your squad can start on time
  • When unable to attend let your coach know ASAP by text or email
  • Let your coach know if are unable to train at 100% (unwell or injured)
  • Communicate with your coach remember they are on your side
  • Put 100% effort into every training session because this equals rewards

Consistency at training sessions is the key (complete every lap to the best of your ability!)


  • Be positive about training, it is contagious
  • When at training be at training
  • Be supportive
  • Have a goal for each training session
  • Accept challenges when they arise


  • Reinforce appropriate and positive behavior when you see it during training
  • Respect and be considerate of your other squad members and your coach/es
  • Remember there are appropriate times and ways to speak to your coach
  • Follow your coach/s instructions

Remember training is hard work but keep in mind why you are doing it.  Enjoy all your opportunities and the learning process associated with them.


Training times may vary from time to time by the coaches depending upon squad workload and performance. Swimmers will be notified by the coaches if session changes are made.

Junior Squad

Afternoons. Monday – Friday 3.30-5pm (3.30-4.30 water, 4.30-5 land)

Intermediate Squad

Afternoons. Monday – Friday 3.30-5.30pm (3.30-5 water. 5-5.30 land)

Development Squad

Mornings. Tuesday and Thursday only 5.30-7.30am.

Afternoons. Monday – Friday 3.30-5.30pm (3.30-5 water, 5-5.30 land)

Senior Squad

Mornings. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 5.30am-7.30am.

Afternoons. Monday – Friday afternoons 4-6.30pm.

Club Rules

  •  The Club does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children attending Club Nights. An adult must accompany the children to ensure they remain safe and demonstrate acceptable behaviour at all times.
  •  Swimmers must report to the Marshalling Area as soon as their event or stroke is called. The Club accepts no responsibility for a child missing their swim due to a delay in reaching the Marshalling Area.
  • All pool rules are to be followed. NO BALL GAMES during races.
  • No unsportsmanlike, offensive behaviour or bad/ negative or offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Cancellation of Club Night due to adverse weather conditions will be decided by 9am of the day at the latest unless adverse weather conditions occur suddenly.
  • Online nominations for Club Nights close at 5.30pm each Thursday before Club Night.
  • Any complaints must be in writing and forwarded to the members of the executive committee.
  • The Club abides by all rules of the QSA (Queensland Swimming Association).
  • All swimmers who are representing the club in any carnival/meet must wear NR swim cap, and club polo shirt and club shorts unless special one-off uniform is provided.

Competitor Behaviour Guidelines

Abide by the General Behaviour Guidelines

  • Follow the rules of swimming Australia at all times.
  • Give your best at all times.
  • Never argue with an official. Use the appropriate language, rules and guidelines to resolve a dispute.
  • Control your temper. Verbal or physical abuse is not acceptable.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and /or your team.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud good performances weather they are made by your team or the opposition.
  • Treat all swimming participants, as you would like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor.
  • Cooperate with your coaches, team mates, opponents, management, event staff and officials.
  • Participate for your enjoyment and benefit, not to satisfy the expectations of others.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, ethnicity, cultural background or religion.

General Behaviour Guidelines

NR supports the principles of Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policy published by Swimming Australia. The Club expects any person involved in any way with the Club and the sport of swimming generally, and particularly those responsible for activities involving members under the age of 18 years, to behave in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  • Be ethical, considerate, fair and honest in all dealings with other people and organisations.
  • Be professional in, and accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Be aware of Swimming Australia’s standards, rules and policies.
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport, including the national and international guidelines that govern Swimming Australia.
  • Understand the possible consequences of breaching Swimming Australia Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policies.
  • Immediately report any breaches of the Swimming Australia Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policies to the appropriate authority.
  • Refrain from any form of abuse towards others.
  • Refrain from any form of harassment towards others.
  • Refrain from any form of discrimination towards others.
  • Refrain from intimate relations with members whom they have a supervisory role or power over.
  • Refrain from any form of victimisation towards others.

 Code of Conduct – Guidelines for Parents 


  • Congratulate your child when they swim well.
  • Encourage your child when they don’t swim well.
  • Provide them with necessary transportation to train and compete.
  • Adjust meal times to suit the child’s training schedule.
  • Show an interest in your child’s swimming, at least by maintaining knowledge of their race times.
  • Allow your child to make all decisions regarding their participation in competitive swimming.
  • Support your child’s efforts by attending swim meets and carnivals.
  • Provide your child with the necessary financial support required for training and competing. This includes purchasing the necessary swim cap and shirt.
  • Be aware of your child’s feelings (eg tiredness, nervousness, self-esteem) and show them, through your actions, that you are aware of these.
  • Be willing to make personal sacrifices with no set expectations.


  • Judge your child by his/her achievements.
  • Interfere with workouts/training sessions.
  • Prevent your child developing other interests and attending activities outside swimming.
  • Show disappointment after your child has a poor swim good or bad performances.
  • Compare your child to other swimmers.
  • Push your child to train harder.
  • Put pressure on your child while he or she is getting training or preparing to race. The appropriate advice will come from the coach
  • Push your child to excel. It must come from the swimmer for lasting satisfaction.
  • Talk negatively about your child’s coach and his/her decisions regarding training. If you have any issues, speak to the Head Coach or a member of the Executive Committee

Rules of Swimming and Other Information

  • The Swimming Australia Website contains all rules relating to the various swimming strokes – click on “About Us”, and then click on “Policies, Procedures and Rules”.
  • There are a number of other very good websites that provide rich sources of information on a multitude of topics relating to swimming, including Swimming Queensland and Swimming Brisbane (
  • Go Club